I— Spiders

I don’t think it’s a good idea for you to stay

You’re too big- you’ll surely be noticed

by people in this house who won’t handle you like this

I grab a cup and paper (I am not afraid, but there are limits)

at the first touch, you curl up and fall into the cup.

It’s okay, it’s okay. I’m so much bigger than you.

Let me get a look at you, it’s alright

Shiny and brown, you’re very pretty.

What are you, a false widow?

Just a very dark house spider? I can’t tell.

I’ll just call you Little Friend.

But you can’t stay. I know it’s warm in here.

And I mean you no harm, 

but there are limits.

Let’s get you outside.

II— Heights

I always get stuck in the same place

climbing into the Cave of Munits

but my heart doesn’t race anymore,


it does, but it’s from the exertion.

I just need a second. I’m fine.

It’s the Resting Spot,

a little pause before the final ascent

To let my heart rate slow

and give my muscles a chance to adjust.

It’s alright to need a moment.

III— Needles

There’s a trick to it

I turn my face away

And talk about my dog

Or to tell a joke with a long set-up.

Put my brain to some other task,

And let her do her work

giving me medicine to protect me

Taking my blood, gathering data, 

so I can keep living.

So I can do my own work

IV—Saying No to You

What happened was

You hurt yourself anyway.

Turning myself inside out

To try and stop you

Didn’t make a damn bit of difference